Our institute’s Supervision program

  • ZYOPTIX Elite treatments.

With the treatments of the Supervision (ZYOPTIX) Elite programs, both simple and complex refractive defects can be treated in the most up-to-date way.

The Elite Treatment Program is the procedure to be chosen for hidden refractive and complex refractive problems. With this program, the elimination of hidden refractive defects can be carried out in such a way that the natural ratio of the cornea’s shape is retained and the amount of tissue to be removed is reduced, which continues to improve the quality of vision under any light conditions.

The techniques are fast, painless, safe and provide immediate, excellent results.

  • SUPRACOR laser vision-correction treatment – Instead of reading glasses

SUPRACOR is a WORLD INNOVATION — a unique, patented treatment algorithm of Bausch & Lomb Technolas company for the treatment of presbyopia. From the middle outwards, it shapes the cornea in such a way that it has different values of refractive power, allowing the person treated to read their favourite book, watch television or use their laptop without glasses.

SUPRACOR’S efficacy and success have been proven by the results of clinical trials, and can be confirmed based on the experience we have had with it in our institute.

  • EXTRACOR laser vision-correction treatment – Instead of reading glasses

With the help of the monovision technique you will no longer need glasses to correct your vision. The intervention is based on the ZYOPTIX treatment technique. While implementing the treatment program, we correct one (the dominant) eye for long distances and the other eye for short distances. Therefore, simultaneous vision with both eyes ensures comfortable vision without glasses at both short and long distances.


Femtosecond laser cataract surgery with extra safety

Optimum Laser Centre for Better Vision is the first private ophthalmic institute in Hungary where, with the help of one of the latest femto lasers in the world, VICTUS cataract treatment by laser has become available for everyone.

VICTUS: revolutionarily new, precise and safe! The new laser technique is revolutionarily new in cataract surgery, which means greater precision, safer operations, less risk and a lesser load on the eye. Several steps of the operation are performed by the laser device itself automatically, in complete accordance with the preset individually-tailored parameters.

During the procedure, every step can be accurately seen on the screen, so the doctor can make any necessary adjustments. The implantation of the lens is, of course, performed by an ophthalmic surgeon through an opening of 1.4 - 1.8 mm. During the operation, with the help of the laser, astigmatism (asymmetry of the intraocular lens) can also be corrected.

During laser surgery, less ultrasound energy is needed, so significantly less damage is done to the fine tissues of the eye. The result is obvious: greater safety, calm and peaceful eyes, excellent visual acuity, and fast improvement in the quality of vision.

VICTUS - revolutionarily new, precise and safe!

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