ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificate

Optimum Laser Centre for Better Vision provides its services according to strict international regulations for the special care of adult and paediatric ophthalmic outpatients and also one-day ophthalmic surgical activity.

We ensure that the management of our patients, the performance of our interventions and the safety of our environment meet the quality assurance expectations of the European Union. These factors guarantee the satisfaction and safe medical care of our Hungarian and foreign patients. With the introduction of our quality-control system, we aimed to have our operation officially recognised at the highest level, too.

Our ISO 9001: 2000-certified quality-control system, having been audited continually since March 2005, guarantees the performance of the services available at our institute at the highest level of quality.

Certified environmental-consciousness (EMAS)

In 2006, Premed Pharma Ltd., operating Optimum Laser Centre for Better Vision, obtained an environmental-protectional certification from the European Union (EMAS).

Taking into account financial aspects, our aim is to mitigate the environmental impact arising from our opearations with the help of our environmental-control system.

Therefore, as the first and, to date, the only organisation in the field of health care, we continue to operate a public environment-control system in accordance with the 761/2001/EC regulation of the European Parliament and Council and publish our environmental-protectional statement.

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