To understand the fine details of the eye and to recognise the lesions caused by different kinds of diseases, the use of modern machines is now indispensable. The top technology available today can show pathological processes up to the level of the cell structure of the eye. The diagnostic tools at our institute represent the most developed technologies; each of them is efficient, precise and can show every tiny detail.

Apart from diagnosing illnesses, our technology is excellent in tracking recovery and changes is the patient’s state caused by pathological processes and for checking the success of treatments.

Surgical procedures

It is not by accident that we chose the most up-to-date equipment of Bausch & Lomb company, with its long tradition and specialisation in the field of ophthalmology, to carry out our vision correction and cataract surgeries with laser technology.

Zyoptix 217P excimer laser and VICTUS femtosecond laser are capable of treatments even more precise than the thousandth part of one millimetre. The surface of the cornea, treated with this new, incredibly precise laser, is totally smooth and provides an excellent optical result for excellent vision. The built-in iris-recognition system checks and ensures that only the patient’s own treatment program will be executed. As for its eye-tracking system, it ensures that the laser beam should travel in the right place at any moment, even if the eye moves in any way.

The Stellaris PC phacoemulsification device is an essential tool for cataract surgery. With its help, the surgeon can remove the greyed eye lens through a very small wound of 1.4 mm. It works with the lowest amount of possible energy, so the eye recovers faster and visual acuity is also restored earlier.

The VICTUS femtosecond laser is the latest choice for the surgical treatment of cataracts. Several steps of the operation can be performed with the precision and speed of laser, which further improves the success of the operation, decreases the occurrence of potential complications and allows for faster recovery following the intervention.

Implanted intraocular lenses play a very important role in the restoration of visual acuity after cataract surgery. At our institute, each type of lens used in the ophthalmological field is available. The optics of each of them is distortion-free, and therefore are capable of guaranteeing the maximum optical result, regardless of the situation.

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