11 reasons to choose Optimum


1. Recommendations
98% of the patients treated at our institute would recommend Optimum to their acquaintances.

2. Attention
98% of our patients felt that the staff of Optimum paid special attention to them concerning their medical care and their individual requests.

3. Results
Since 2000, each technological solution we have selected has raised our operational safety and precision to the highest level and has minimised the occurrence of complications.

4. Professional knowledge
The continuous development of our well-qualified experts’ knowledge and their decades of experience ensure the best possible result in the solution of ophthalmic problems.
According to 99% of our patients, the professional knowledge of the experts at our institute is excellent.

5. Experience
Our institute has had more than 15 years of experience in the field of vision correction with laser technology.

6. Technology
We use equipment which is at the highest levels of innovation in our daily work. We have made a revolutionary change in the treatment of cataracts with the use of the VICTUS femtosecond laser produced by Bausch & Lomb Technolas. Thus, for the first time at a private institute in Hungary, laser cataract surgery has become available for every patient.

7. Our prices
95% of patients are of the opinion that the price to value ratio of Optimum’s services are very favourable.

8. Quality
The outstandingly high level of service and success of our institute are certified by ISO 9001 quality assurance and the EMAS environment-management system.

9. Guarantee
Our quality + Professional knowledge + Technology = a guarantee of your sharp vision.

10. Idividually-tailored services
With our Supervision program, we offer you the widest range of choices in the field of personalised laser vision-correction and cataract treatment.

11. Environment
98% of our patients felt that the interior of the institute was harmonious and had a calming effect.


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