If you, your relative or close acquaintance need cataract surgery, you must know that now they have more choices than ever before. The science and technology of cataract surgery is developing day by day. The new technology developed for making the intervention even more precise and comfortable is now available at our Institute.

Now you can choose a new surgical method: cataract surgery performed by the use of laser.

In the course of laser cataract surgery, doctors apply precision laser beam in order to make greyed lens easier to remove and prepare the implantation of the new, transparent lens. New lasers allow very precise performance and, at the same time, minimize the required amount of energy and the risk of development of complications. The surgeon’s abilities are made complete by the precision and reliability of laser controlled by computer. Our Institute is proud to offer you the chance to choose the sophisticated VICTUS laser – first among private institutes.

Do not forget, either, that the new types of artificial lenses provide further choices for you in order to restore your vision. Do find out everything, enquire about your possibilities. We are pleased to answer all your questions in connection with cataract surgery. Just ask us either today or later.

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