Safely, precisely, painlessly and quickly

This is what is provided by Femto Lasik dioptre correction performed with two lasers. You can read about this technology under several names such as “all laser Lasik”, “Intralasik” or “Femto treatment”, but the essence is the same. The most recently developed and extremely fast Victus femtosecond laser-used by our Institute – separates the layers of the cornea with a precision higher than one-thousandth of a millimeter within just a few seconds. Without touching it by human hands, it formulates the flap – needed for the treatment – which can be lifted easily and, after the treatment carried out under the flap, it is perfectly fitted back to its original place.

The alteration of the shape of the cornea is performed by Zyoptix 217P laser equipment. The device, developed by Germans, uses the most up-to-date laser technology. The built-in iris-recognising technology and the system following up the eye provide the maximal safety during treatment. The maximal period of time to eliminate even the most complex dioptre errors and achieve the desired dioptre correction is 90 seconds. The latest ELITE treatment programs cease the complex refractive errors of the eye and SUPRACOR and EXTRACOR treatments make it possible to stop using reading-glasses in the case of presbyopia (old-eye syndrome).

Treatment carried out with the two lasers is painless, and recovery is significantly faster compared to superficial treatments. By the next day visual acuity is almost perfect, so you can continue your daily routine activities in a short time.

Do get to know your latest possibilities. Do ask the staff of our Institute about the latest results of laser vision correction. And following a suitability test, you will find out everything about your possibilities. Do apply for an examination and ask for our free brochures as early as today if you like.

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