Dr. Zólyomi Tímea arcképe

Dr. Tímea Zólyomi

I started my career in 2006 at the ophthalmology department of Toldy Ferenc Hospital in Cegléd. From 2010 I continued my professional training at the Ophthalmology Clinic of Semmelweis University in Tömő Street, then in Mária Street, where I gained insight into all areas, spending most of my time in the paediatric ophthalmology department.

From 2014 to 2020, after passing the specialist examination, I worked at the department of ophthalmology of Szent János Hospital and the United Hospitals of Northern Buda, mainly in paediatric ophthalmology, and from September 2017 as the coordinator of paediatric ophthalmology at the Buda Children’s Hospital.

Since obtaining the ophthalmologic specialist examination, I have been working as a self-employed doctor in the private sector.

Areas of interest:
paediatric ophthalmology
• adult ophthalmology
I have a special interest in the diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmological abnormalities associated with childhood learning difficulties and behavioural problems, and in the diagnosis and appropriate referral of ophthalmological abnormalities associated with rare diseases.

I keep my professional skills up to date through active participation in regular national and international congresses.