Eye contour and skin rejuvenation for natural look

Beauty treatments and aesthetic procedures at Optimum Beauty

We have established Optimum Beauty on the basis of almost 25 years of experience in the ophthalmic field. In addition to successfully performing a growing number of eyelid surgeries over the years, we aim to meet aesthetic needs where we can bring the beauty of the eye to the forefront. Our doctors and specialists offer outstanding services and medical aesthetic treatments, personalised cosmetic advice and professional products to help you achieve a brighter, firmer and more youthful appearance while preserving your natural features.

Efficient & modern



Beauty begins with the eyes

The beauty ideals of our time pose a challenge to everyone.

Skin that is lush, hydrated, firm and youthful. There’s a lot we can do to achieve this desirable state, but how much care do we give to the area around our eyes?

As we age, this is where the signs of ageing first appear, where unwanted crow’s feet first appear, and which tell the most about the years that have passed.


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