Health fund

Benefit from advantages of health care fund membership as you can access the chosen treatments under favourable conditions.

Please indicate for our consulting assistants prior to invoice issuing if you wish to use the opportunity of a payment to the health care fund account to settle the full fee, or only a part of it. The invoice will be issued taking into account the requirements of health care fund companies, ensuring a quick and easy settlement with them.

Our contracted health care fund companies:

  • Allianz Health Care Fund Company
  • Card-Consulting
  • Danubius Health Care and Self-help Fund Company
  • Életút (way of life) Health Care Fund Company
  • Generali Health Care Fund Company
  • Health Care Fund Company of Herendi Porcelánmanufaktúra Rt.
  • IZYS Self-help Fund Company
  • KARDIREX Health Care Fund Company
  • Magyar Kedvezményhálózat (Hungarian Discount Network)
  • MediSmart
  • MKB-Pannónia Health Care and Self-help Fund Company
  • OTP Health Care Fund Company
  • Patika Mutual Health Care Fund Company
  • Prémium Health Care Fund Company
  • Vasutas (railway workers’) Health Care and Self-help Fund Company
  • Vitamin Health Care Fund Company

If you are a member of a health care fund company which is not listed on our homepage, please inform us in order to allow us to contact them and ensure you the opportunity of payment to the health care fund account.

If you are not a member of any health care fund company and you wish to join, you can do it all at our institute.

For further information, ask the consulting assistants of Optimum Eye Center.

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