Expected results

Safe and painless laser procedures guarantee a significant vision improvement. Superficial and flap creation therapies do not differ substantially in their long-term results; however, the preceding periods are quite different.

For superficial treatments, you may experience sensitivity to light in the first 2 to 3 days, and pain may also occur. Visual acuity is fluctuating in the first weeks and reaches its final state in a few months. One week recovery at home is absolutely required after treatment.

Flap creation therapies and the following time period are painless. Visual acuity may be complete as soon as on the next day. Usual activities and work can be continued on the next day following surgery.

Your life will change.

For surgeries performed at Optimum Eye Center, visual acuity without glasses will be better in most cases than the best visual acuity with glasses previously. As with all medical interventions, laser vision correction may have adverse complications; however, their frequency is in the range of one per mill.

According to 99% of our patients, the competence of the professionals at Optimum Eye Center is excellent.

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