Does your child have an eye problem?

Do not hesitate, it is not worth to wait! Ophthalmological examination will either confirm that your child’s eyes are healthy, or diagnose the problem in time! Strabismus (crossed eyes) detected in time can be treated, amblyopia (lazy eye) can be prevented, refractive errors can be corrected. The importance of thorough screening and follow-ups is extraordinary in the early detection of eye problems. You can prevent a life-long problem for your child with ophthalmological assessment carried out in time.

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Do not forget that good vision is absolutely required for the child’s development and good school performance! If your child’s movements and reactions are uncertain, or he/she complains about not seeing the table at school, or has headache, it could be an eye problem with high probability.

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Our paediatric ophthalmological clinic is found in the 12th district of Buda, at Alkotás u. 17.

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