Artificial lens types

An important step of cataract surgery is the implantation of the adequately chosen and planned artificial lens. The specialists of Optimum Eye Center will make you a recommendation during assessment as to which lens types are the most appropriate and can ensure the desired postoperative result. During the consultation you and your specialist will choose the artificial lens to be implanted together.

We will help you find the best artificial lens.

The material of artificial lenses is tissue-friendly, it does not cause any irritation or inflammation, and is well tolerated by the body for decades. The undistortedness and other optic characteristics of artificial lenses will determine the achievable vision quality and may replace the eye’s lost accommodative ability.

Artificial lens types

Monofocal artificial lens
Monofocal artificial lenses are widely used as these provide excellent far visual acuity. However, you will require reading glasses after surgery to see near objects clearly. Our specialists will help you choose the most appropriate of the several different monofocal artificial lenses.

Trifocal artificial lens
The newest multifocal artificial lenses have three ranges for clear vision. Thereby, near, intermediate and far visual acuity can also be improved. Subsequently, more and more patients choose trifocal artificial lenses as with them the use of reading glasses and other indoor glasses can substantially be decreased. Of the trifocal lenses, our institute uses the multifocal artificial lens of technological market leader FineVision based on the clinical result of hundreds of thousands of implantations globally.

Toric artificial lens
Toric artificial lenses enable to correct astigmatism and cataract simultaneously. Thereby, the dependence on glasses can be decreased and you do not have to wear cylindrical glasses anymore. Thus, your costs can also be lowered.

Multifocal toric artificial lens
Multifocal and also toric artificial lenses can improve clear vision in the near, intermediate and far distances, and correct astigmatism during cataract surgery. Of the trifocal toric artificial lenses, our institute uses the Toric multifocal toric artificial lens of technological market leader FineVision based on clinical results.


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