Causes and symptoms

Several factors can increase the risk of cataract; however, the real causes are not fully understood. In addition to increasing age, also dietary habits, hormonal changes, smoking, warmer climate and stronger sunlight may play a role.

Physicians found an association between cataract and diabetes or some medicinal products such as steroids. In some cases, injuries may also contribute to its development, and genetic background is being researched in the area of cataract, too.

Signs of cataract include the following symptoms.

  • Blurred, fuzzy or foggy vision, as if looking through a veil or a cobweb.
  • Experiencing severe visual impairment when looking at a shiny surface or background.
  • Blinding light or halo around headlights when driving at night.
  • Frequent change of glasses required with different parameters.
  • You see colours duller, and different shades in another way.


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