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For an otherwise healthy eye, the complete restoration of vision is expected after cataract surgery. However, postoperatively achievable vision quality depends on general characteristics of the eye, other ophthalmological disorders, surgical technique, technical standards of used equipment, and the implanted artificial lens.

The implanted artificial lens stays normally in the body, you do not have to expect its removal. Surgical risk of cataract surgery is very low. Despite all careful preparation and endeavour, adverse complications may occur in about 0.5 % of cases, which can be further decreased with the laser procedure.

Rarely, months or even years after eye surgery it can happen that the original lens capsule behind the implanted artificial lens thickens and its transparency decreases, a so-called ‘secondary cataract’ or ‘posterior capsule opacity’ evolves. Visual acuity can be restored with laser treatment in these cases.

Concomitant diabetes, age-related macular degeneration or glaucoma may restrict achievable results. Your treating physician will inform you in detail based on assessment results about expected and achievable results.

According to 99% of our patients, the competence of the professionals at Optimum Eye Center is excellent.

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