Treatment of cataract

Presently, cataract can only be treated surgically. Yearly more than 18 million cataract surgeries are performed worldwide, making it the most frequent ophthalmological treatment.

The essence of surgery is that the changed, blurred inner part of the lens is removed and an artificial lens is inserted into the remaining thin lens capsule in order to restore vision quality. The operation is carried out under topical anaesthesia (eye drops). It is a painless intervention that can be performed with high safety and takes a total of 15 to 20 minutes.

Depending on other factors, surgery generally does not require in-patient stay and may be performed within the frames of one-day-surgery. With the implanted artificial lens, vision quality will quickly recover, many see well with the operated eye even on the next day after surgery.

Laser procedures with high technology.

In order to increase surgical safety and improve achievable results, we pay special attention to choosing and developing the applied technologies. Subsequently, our institute is the first private ophthalmological institute in Hungary where in addition to ultrasound technique, cataract surgery is performed with laser.

The two most important units of the technology developed by Bausch + Lomb and chosen by us are the Stellaris microsurgical system, which offers the most advanced technical solutions, and the Victus femtosecond laser, which presents greater accuracy, safer operation, lower risk, smaller strain for the eye, and quickly restored visual acuity. Several steps of surgery are automatically performed by the laser equipment according to the pre-set and completely customised parameters. Naturally, artificial lenses are implanted by ophthalmic surgeon.

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