Alternative solutions

Over the age of 45 signs of cataract are becoming more and more frequent in the lens with age and will further increase vision problems. In these complex cases, laser correction may not be feasible. Also considering individual factors, it could be a better solution for these cases to implant a special artificial lens with the appropriate dioptre value instead of the eye’s own lens. This ensures that cataract does not cause vision problems anymore and there is an opportunity to correct the dioptre value and the eye’s lost accommodative ability. Owing to their special optical design, these artificial lenses can replace the eye’s lost accommodative abilities.
Regarding the technique of the procedure, corrective lens surgeries match the well-established and with great safety performed cataract surgery.

Discover the world of trifocal lenses.

Trifocal lenses offer three ranges of clear vision. In addition to far (more than 5 m) and near (0-0.3 m) zones required for reading, at present, clear vision is also possible for the intermediate distance between those two. The nowadays very popular trifocal artificial lenses can considerably decrease the use of reading glasses and other indoor glasses.

Of multifocal artificial lenses we recommend the trifocal artificial lens of technology leader FineVision.

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