Patient opinions

Everyone is entitled to clear vision.

We believe that everyone deserves an excellent vision, that is why we have chosen the most up-to-date equipment of the company Bausch+Lomb, which has long traditions and is specialised in ophthalmology, and the most modern treatment methods to make you satisfied with the results.

98% of our patients would recommend Optimum Eye Center to their acquaintances and friends.

I wore contact lenses for 5 years, and previously glasses for 7 years. It’s a fantastic feeling that my eyes are not tired from contact lenses in the evening, glasses do not fog up in the room in the winter, I do not have to fuss around with contact lenses in the evening and in the morning.

András Máthé

Sometimes I look for my glasses but I don’t have any. A better new world has opened up for me. It is good to see and live life calmly. Good sight for everyone.

József Karácsony

I am generally frightened of all surgeries but the provided and read information leaflet, which described that the procedure is painless, convinced me that it is worth a try. 1 month has elapsed since surgery and I am glad to have conquered my fear. The operation has completely changed my life.

Krisztina Falusi

In my work, I have to see well near and far at the same time. The price of the required glasses (of about 3 years) covered the operation! I can see again as many years ago.

Zoltán Mórotz

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