Presbyopia or aging eyes affect more than 1.5 billion people around the world, in Hungary its rate approximates 4.5 million.

Our eyes continuously change from birth to adult age. Our eyes reach complete visual acuity only at the age of 5 years, and the eye’s diameter grows until adulthood by 25%.

The change in the dioptre value of the eye enables to see both far and near objects clearly. The eye’s accommodative ability is normally 12 to 16 dioptres but accommodation decreases with age by 2.5 dioptres a decade, and at the age of 40 to 45 years our eyes’ accommodative ability is only around 3 dioptres.
By the age of 55, accommodation completely disappears meaning that we don’t see objects within one and a half to two metres distance sharply, resulting in quite many inconveniences as daily work and most of the usual activities are performed in this space.

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This project is funded by the European Union and the Hungarian Government. (GINOP1.3.2-15-2018-00039)