Why Optimum?

Here are 11 arguments why you should choose us.

1. Other people recommend us
98% of patients treated at Optimum Eye Center would recommend our ophthalmological private institute to their acquaintances.

2. We pay attention to all of your wishes
98% of our patients thought that the colleagues of Optimum Eye Center paid special attention to them regarding both care and considering individual wishes.

3. We are successful
In the last almost 20 years, all technological solutions chosen by us have increased safety and accuracy to maximum levels and minimalised the risk of complications.

4. Our excellent skills ensure the best result
Qualification and many years of experience of our professionals, and their continuous training ensure the best possible result in the treatment of different eye problems. According to 99% of our patients, the competence of our professionals is excellent.

5. We have experience of many decades
We have nearly 20 years of experience in laser vision correction, and have worked with a stable medical team ever since.

6. We have revolutionised the treatment of cataract
We use one of the highest levels of innovation in our everyday work. We are proud that we have revolutionised the treatment of cataract as we were the first private institute in Hungary where laser cataract surgery became available.

7. High-level services for advantageous fee
95% of our patients consider that Optimum Eye Center’s services have very good value for money.

8. Our quality has been awarded
The exceptionally high level of service of Optimum Eye Center is certified by ISO 9001 quality management and EMAS Eco-management systems.

9. We offer guarantee for our treatments
Our quality, skills and technology guarantees clear vision.

10. Customised solutions
Of the wide range of treatment types we will recommend a solution according to individual requirements for all patients.

11. We await you with harmonic surroundings
98% of our patients found the inner surroundings of Optimum Eye Center harmonic and calming.

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This project is funded by the European Union and the Hungarian Government. (GINOP1.3.2-15-2018-00039)