Dr. Damjanovich Judit

Dr. Judit Damjanovich

I graduated summa cum laude in 1987 from the Faculty of Medicine in Debrecen. Afterwards I worked at the Eye Clinic of the University of Debrecen as a trainee specialist. Following my successful specialist examination in ophthalmology, from 1991 I started working as an assistant professor. After defending my Ph.D. in 2000, I was appointed as an university adjunct and in 2008, after my habilitation, I was appointed as an associate professor. During my university years, I was head of the Ophthalmic Ultrasound Laboratory and head of the department, and later on the head of the ophthalmology operation unit of the Eye Clinic in Debrecen. I was the head of the ophthalmological tumour unit of the Eye Clinic in Debrecen until I moved to Budapest. I have given several international and Hungarian scientific and training lectures and published several articles in international journals. Since 2022 I have been an ophthalmologist at Optimum Vision Center. My specialties are: general adult ophthalmology, including: ophthalmic screening, general ophthalmic complaints, cataract diagnostics and surgical consultation, diabetic retinopathy screening, treatment and care. Screening and follow-up of discoloration of the eyeball and fundus moles, screening for other diseases of the retina, screening, treatment and follow-up of macular degeneration.

• Hungarian Society of Ophthalmology, member since 1998, board member since 2004
• Hungarian Refractive Surgical and Intraocular Lens Implantation Society (SHIOL), member since 2002.
• Ocular Oncology Group, member since 2001.