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professional opinion


The value of consultation

The main aim of a professiorial consultation is to provide you with a well-founded professional opinion on all aspects of your treatment.

During the consultation, the professor will review the patient’s complete or available medical history, help explain and evaluate previously made diagnoses and give a second opinion on the proposed treatment. In some cases, the professor may also suggest additional examinations if he considers that these are necessary to confirm the diagnosis or to obtain further information.

Experienced health professionals regularly consult their colleagues about the diagnosis or the results of highly complex examinations and treatments.

The benefits of seeking a professorial consultation include:

  • It is reassuring that another specialist has confirmed the precise nature of your diagnosis.
  • The possibility to start and implement a modified treatment strategy based on the latest results of therapies
  • Better understanding of the condition by having another professional explain the diagnosis and answer any questions you may have in simple, understandable language, with as much compassion as possible.

Get a well-founded professional opinion or a second opinion.

Professor dr. Ildikó Süveges

Professor Emeritus
and Head of Department

She is the founder of laser vision correction, one of the pioneers of microsurgery in Hungary, and she is involved in many fields of ophthalmology.

For a consultation fee, it is possible to have a detailed ophthalmological examination, consultation, and request a supplementary professional opinion on the basis of reviewing medical documents obtained previously or at another institution in the following areas and eye diseases.

  • Ophthalmic occupational health
  • Ophthalmological diseases related to general illnesses
  • Diseases of the conjunctiva and the cornea (inflammations, pigment deposits, injuries, keratoplasty)
  • Diseases of the lens of the eye (cataracts)
  • Diseases of the vitreous body (vitreoretinal surgery)
  • Diseases of the retina (lesions, tumours)
  • Diseases of the sclera, optic nerve, tear organs
  • Diseases of the eye socket
  • Glaucoma
  • Eyelid diseases
  • Inherited eye diseases
  • Vision deterioration, loss of vision
  • Eye movement disorders, eye muscle paralysis

Take a look at the summary of the career journey of Professor dr. Ildikó Süveges.

Professor dr. Andrea Facskó

University Professor

Professor dr. Andrea Facskó has been a member of two excellent Ophthalmology Clinics during her professional career of several decades. After many years of teaching, research and medical work, she became the Head of the Department of Ophthalmology at her Alma Mater.

Among her teachers and mentors, besides famous Hungarian ophthalmologists, there were also outstanding US and European specialists. Over the years, she has been a direct contributor to the enormous progress of ophthalmology and an active participant in the development of diagnostics, the introduction of new surgical techniques, the use of new drugs and their nationwide expansion. In addition to my work as a specialist ophthalmologist in all fields, she also provides paediatric ophthalmology.

For a consultation fee, it is possible to obtain a detailed ophthalmological examination, a consultation and request a supplementary opinion on the basis of reviewing previous medical documents or those obtained in another institution.

Take a look at the summary of the career journey of Professor dr. Andrea Facskó.


Second opinion consultation

35.000 HUF

Get a well-founded professional opinion or a second opinion.


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