Prof. Dr. Facskó Andrea arcképe

Professor Dr. Andrea Facskó

During my career, I have worked for two excellent Ophthalmology Clinics. After many years of teaching, research and medical work, I was appointed head of the Department of Ophthalmology at my Alma Mater. Among my teachers and mentors I can list outstanding specialists from the USA and Europe, in addition to the great Hungarian ophthalmologists. Over the years, I have been a direct contributor to the enormous progress of ophthalmology and an active participant in the development of diagnostics, the introduction of new surgical techniques, the use of new drugs and their nationwide expansion. For many years I have been able to continue and implement this task directly in my daily professional work and activities. In addition to my work as an ophthalmologist in all fields of the profession, I also operate in paediatric ophthalmology.