Distance visual acuity.

Content of the treatment package:

  • Monofocal intraocular lens (distortion-free, UV filter)
  • Quick, safe and painless
  • Ultrasonic method
  • Customised intraocular lens design
  • Surgical appointment schedule in a short time
  • Free follow-up medical check up to the 1-week check

Also available with FEMTO LASER.*

270,000 HUF / eye

* Using femtolaser: 180,000 HUF/ eye
Toric IOL extra fee 95,000 HUF/ eye

Distortion-free perfect optics

Bausch+Lomb single-focus intraocular lenses with distortion-free optics provide excellent distance visual acuity. However, you will still need reading glasses after surgery to see close objects clearly.


  • Tissue friendly material
  • Can be implanted through a small incision
  • Available in a wide range
  • Good visual acuity experience at far distance

Choose the Basic cataract surgery package with femtolaser instead of ultrasound!


High-tech cataract surgery

The Victus femtolaser is capable of treating more accurately than a thousandth of a millimetre. It performs the most critical steps of the surgery based onthe pre-set values. This reduces the risks of conventional surgery
improves the accuracy of the position of the implanted lens, which improves the best quality of vision available.

With the FEMTOLESER technology we provides our patients maximum safety, painlessness, faster recovery and faster restoration of visual acuity.

* Using femtolaser: 180,000 HUF/ eye


  • Performs the critical steps of lens surgery under medical guidance according to individualised values, without touching the lens
  • Even the smallest details are revealed during surgery with the help of the built-in OCT device
  • Extremely precise, it operates on high speed and with the accuracy to a thousandth of a millimetre
  • The laser beam can also be used to correct astigmatism
  • It puts less strain on the eyes than the traditional method
  • Reduces the effects on the delicate tissues of the eye and the risk of complications
  • Faster recovery and restoration of visual acuity
  • You can return to your normal rhythm of life earlier

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