Intraocular lens types

Cataract and vision correction lens surgery requires the implantation of intraocular lenses to regain visual acuity and quality of vision, which means your life will be uninterrupted. At Optimum Vision Center, our specialists will listen to your needs and help you choose the lens that best fits your lifestyle.

Premium intraocular lenses guarantee your safety.

The premium quality lenses are made of biocomplatible material. They are well tolerated by the human body for many decades. They cause no irritation and provide good vision for life. The non-distorting and other optical properties of the intraocular lenses ensure the best quality of vision available. Modern lenses can increase visual acuity and can even treat certain vision problems such as astigmatism, farsightedness, nearsightedness and presbyopia.

We help you find the best IOL for you

Is an active life without glasses important to you? Get familiar with FineVision lenses.

FineVision trifocal


intraocular lenses

FineVision lenses provide sharp vision at all distances, including close-up, monitor distance and for a far distance. You can see the landscape in the distance clearly, but you can also drive your car safely and use your computer and watch TV without any problems. You’ll be able to see your children’s or grandchildren’s faces clearly and you won’t need glasses to read.


  • You can see clearly at any distance, even without glasses
  • It increases your sense of security
  • It makes your everyday life more comfortable
  • It provides a freer, more independent life

FineVision trifocal


toric lens

If you would like to treat astigmatism as well as dioptre correction, the FineVision trifocal toric lenses are the best choice. It provides a solution for both problems.


  • You can see clearly at any distance, even without glasses
  • It corrects astigmatism as well as cataracts
  • It makes your everyday life more independent

Be independent,
be yourself again!

LuxSmart Extended Depth of focus


EDOF lens

LuxSmart extended depth of focus lenses provide an excellent visual experience for everyday activities, whether you’re using a computer, watching TV, playing sports or travelling. So you can get back to your normal rhythm of life and do what you love best.


  • Excellent viewing experience at distance and monitor distance
  • A complex solution for myopia and farsightedness
  • You will rarely need glasses in your daily activities
  • Glistening-free, making night driving more comfortable

Distortion-free perfect optics

single-focus lenses

Single-focus lenses with distortion-free optics provide excellent distance vision. However, you will still need to wear reading glasses after surgery to see close objects clearly. Our experienced specialists can help you choose the best single-focus lens for your needs from a range of different types.

A smart solution for everyday life.

EnVista SimplifEYE IOL

The lenses are made from a non-glare material and are designed to provide stable vision quality that will not diminish over time. It prevents unwanted reflection and light scattering.


  • Non-glitter material
  • A safer surgical procedure
  • Good visual experience for near or far

1 IOL for 2 problems

toric lens

If you wear cylindrical glasses and need cataract surgery, EnVista TORIC lenses are an excellent solution for you.

It can be used to correct astigmatism and cataracts together, while restoring vision quality. This reduces dependence on glasses and means you no longer need cylindrical lenses.

EnVista Toric lenses with non-distorting optics and tissue-friendly materials are specially designed and made from a unique, anti-reflective material to ensure long-term, excellent vision quality after surgery.


  • reduces dependence on glasses
  • ensures good visual acuity and excellent quality of vision
  • can be implanted through a smaller than average incision
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